Carol Quint: "Blood in My Eye" – 18"x 19"x 2 1/4"

I received my BFA from Pratt Institute. I relocated to Los Angeles, where I discovered the feminist art world, was a member of DoubleX and exhibited at Womanspace and other feminist venues. Later on, I returned to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was the coordinator of the WAH Salon, the artist membership club of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, for 13 years. Currently, I live in New Jersey and am a member of ProArts Jersey City. My prints, sculptures and mixed media artworks have been shown Nationally and Internationally. I find inspiration from discards of the 21st century, trash transformed. I began to see art materials everywhere, even on my dinner plate. I use chicken bones on my mixed media sculptures. The bones are a visceral material that refer to my primal vision. This particular detritus, or leftover, represents an internal truth and mimics an artifact. My thoughts are about permanence and mortality. The underlying message alludes to the symbolic links between life and death. The content and function of my work reflects both a sense of time past and time present, qualities that are in the nature of a relic.

My sculptures are included in the following art books:
CAN YOU HAIKU? A collection of Art & Haiku by members of Pro Arts, Jersey City;  Lexikon-Surreal, International Encyclopedia of Fantastic & Surreal & Symbolic Visionary Artists;  and Lexikon of Fantastic International Female Artists, Vienna, Austria;  Monobloc: The Infamous Chair, 220C Virus, Berlin, Germany.

Contact me through Instagram: quint.bones

More info at Pro Arts Jersey City